Degree Programs

Alimah Program

A degree program based on the traditional curriculum of the ‘Alimah course’, which provides a firm and broad basis in all of the main disciplines of classical Islamic scholarship.

With about 9 hours of class per week, the Alimah Program is designed for highly motivated and committed students who wish to study the Islamic sciences in-depth and attain reading fluency in classical Arabic.

Fundamentals Program

A diploma program providing an overview of the fundamental elements of classical Islamic learning and spirituality.

With about 4 hours of class per week, students learn about the basic obligations outlined within the Qur'an and Sunnah. Arabic is not included in the curriculum.

Qur'an Program

A diploma program covering the tafsir of the Quran in 3 years.

With about 3 hours of class per week, students are able to gain a deep understanding of the Quran.


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