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Qur'an Program:



Translation & Commentary of the Entire Qur’an
Duration: 3 Years

The Qur’an Program is a three year diploma program dedicated to covering the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an using classical sources. The focus of the program will be two-fold: to understand the meanings and teachings of the Qur’an and to derive practical lessons and insights relevant to daily life – both ultimately with the purpose of increasing our connection with Allah swt and furthering our spiritual development.

The course will begin with introductory sessions devoted to understanding the field of the Qur’anic sciences, including topics such as the concept, types and causes of revelation, compilation of the Qur’an, and the classical tools and methodology for the proper interpretation of the verses.

The waiting list is open for classes beginning August, 2018

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Starting: August 13th, 2018
Days: Every Monday & Wednesday
Duration: 1 hour
Section 1: 10 AM NY, 3:00 PM UK, 7:00 PM UAE, 8:00 PM PK
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*Recordings of all LIVE sessions are also available.
Annual Exams: Last Week of May, 2019
Summer Break: 1st June to 30th July 2019 (tentative)
Time Commitment:  2 hours per week
Cost: Free
*Dates & timings are tentative and may be subject to change

Students enrolled in the Qur’an Program will cover the following curriculum:

Translation and Commentary of the Entire Qur'anA detailed and inspiring commentary of the entire Qur’an with an emphasis on highlighting lessons that are relevant to our daily life.
The Sources & Methodology of InterpretationIntroduction to the field of Qur'anic Sciences; The Sources & Methodology for Interpretation of the Qur'an; Compilation of the Qur'an; Types & Causes of Revelation

Alhamdulillah, here’s what our students are saying:

The Qur’an classes are really good and beneficial, mashaAllāh; having previously read only Quran without any tafseer I now can understand how neccessary and benefical is tafseer, as finally some light is shed on many verses on which I have spent much time wondering what could they mean. I also can now more adequately apprehend what unfathomable depths are containted in the Speech of Allāh, of which we can touch only the surface (which also gives incentive to dig ever and ever deeper, bi’isdhnillāh). Extremely beneficial is that the Quranic teachings are brought in the context that most immediately related to us, i.e., our everyday lives and efforts to bring ourselves in harmony with them and transform ourselves through them. Invaluably helpful is that we are pointed towards not only historical and everyday experience levels of meaning but also towards subtle spiritual meanings, which gives more motivation to strive to achieve more in our own spiritual development.

Student from Latvia

Sister Sobia is an amazing teacher. She explains the verses in much detail. She also includes hadith when explaining verses that are relevant, then she discusses how the verses could be drawn into our own lives and what lesson we can learn from verses that are pertinent in this day and age. I have Alhamdulilah learnt a lot in the short time I have been with Maryam Institute.

– Student from Michigan, USA

I appreciate each time the spiritual relevance (of the ayah) to our lives, is mentioned. To me, this is what brings us closer to and nurtures deeper love for Quran. It is nothing but the Mercy of Allah, when He gives a person time to reflect and ponder over His Words…and places that person in the company of others who are doing the same.
May Allah reward you and your family and continue to bless your efforts …ameen

– Student from Michigan, USA

MashAllah Usthada Sobia is an excellent teacher, I love her classes, and I love the way Usthada teaches tafseer, she is too good mashAllah. I just love the way Usthada teaches each verse, it just seems perfect, because it is perfect, the word of Allah. I don’t think there’s anything better in the whole world, than the tafseer of the Quran, to know what Allah is saying to us, and the feeling one gets when you study this, it just cannot be described. Alhamdulillah it is a great blessing to get this ilm from our homes, for people like me, (with kids)
it IS very challenging with kids, but Alhamdulillah, it gives us something beneficial to do in our spare time.

Student from Scotland, UK

Alhumdolilah,Tafsir classes are great and influential. These classes are not only informative but heart moving. Ustadha concentrates on drawing attention to love of Allah SWT and especially highlights the remembrance of Allah SWT. I can say that this aspect of spirituality became more open to me inshaAllah.

– Student from Pakistan




Is it possible to enroll as a listener and not give exams?

What if I cannot make it to class at the stipulated class time? Will I have access to recordings?

Will there be an exam every year?

What if I have to miss classes during the year because of my University exams or family engagements?

Is there an Attendance Policy?

Is there a Fee that I need to pay to enroll in this Program?


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